Proven Method To Make Money From Clickbank Without Website In 2019


Lot people wonder about this simple question.

How can you earn from clickbank, if you don’t have a website?

There are plenty of methods that you can implement to promote clickbank products without needing a website. Some of them are free, while other are as you guessed… paid method.

Before beginning, let me tell you that, this article is suitable, even if you are a newbie and have no idea about clickbank or an expert in affiliate marketing, looking to grab new knowledge.

There are plenty of ways to make online. Promoting products of other people and getting commission from the sales on clickbank is one of them.

This is a dream isn’t it? You don’t have to deal with the customer service, refunds, delivery, bla bla. I guess this dream brought you to this article.

If you want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, I have written a article about the basics of affiliate marketing.

But do you need a website to make money from clickbank?

NO you don’t need a website.

yes it is possible to promote affiliate product without website

But, without a proper website there are some pros and there are some cons.
Website gives you brandability and trust.

First, Find the Best Product To Promote

To maximize your earnings from clickbank, you need to select a good product. A good product is a genuine product that people would buy. Well let me be honest most of the products in clickbank are not genuine and some products have like 0 sales.

Before diving into the details of how you can promote a clickbank product, I would want to explain the basics first. If you already know what clickbank is, and don’t want to hear me to jabbering about it, you can skip the basics and start from here.

What is clickbank?

You might have heard about clickbank, when you were searching about making money online. If you didn’t heard, don’t worry, this section is for those who have never heard about clickbank.

Clickbank is one of the earlier affiliate marketing network, which was founded in 1998. It is a platform where people sell digital products like ebooks, online course and physical products like tea to lose weight, hard book, etc. Affiliate marketers can promote those products, sell them and get commission.

Commission can be either one time or recurring and the commission value depends upon the product, which can be from few dollars to hundreds of dollars. There are wide range of products that you can choose in clickbank.

How to Choose the Best ClickBank Products to Promote?

Before starting any product, make sure to do proper research on the product and niche. There are lots of products on clickbank and some of them are just scam.

I know this because, I was a web developer for a guy once, whose product is online course on affiliate marketing.Once somebody buys his product, they get access to online video course which is serious BS because all those videos are not his and he stole them from udemy and other sites then trimmed the part where real author says his name.

I am so ashamed of being part of this scam but seriously in the beginning, I had no idea what video content he was going to put there. Anyways let’s get back to the topic.

Here are the steps that you can follow to find the perfect product to promote on clickbank.

Step 0: Sign up for clickbank

Off course you can’t promote clickbank product unless you have clickbank account. So first, please make your account here, if you don’t have one. It’s free and once you have your account, you can use the affiliate links to promote the clickbank products.

clickbank signup page

Step 1: Open Marketplace and click on search button

Open the clickbank marketplace by clicking the marketplace link at the top right corner of the screen.

marketplace button at clickbank

Once you are in the marketplace, without typing any keywords, just click on the magnifying icon. You will be taken to this page.

clickbank marketplace page

Step 2: Choosing the product

If you have specific category in mind, you can click on any of the category in the left otherwise you don’t need to choose a category.

clickbank category link on the left

You need to consider various factors to choose a good product. These are the main factors to consider when you are choosing a good clickbank product.

Gravity: Now you need to apply filters. You will see the filter options on the left. First set the gravity from 20 to 100+.

Gravity in clickbank means the number of affiliates who sold that product in last 12 weeks. You can read about gravity and how it is calculate on this article.

Basically higher gravity means that the product is very popular recently. Low gravity products are less popular. And hence it is a clear indicator that the product sells or not.

clickbank stats to consider when choosing a product

Initial $/sale: Initial Commission per sale indicates how much commission you make when you sale the product. This does not includes commission that you make from other factors like rebills and recurring. Normally I recommend to choose a product that has at least 20 Gravity.

When choosing initial commission, make sure that you choose neither too high nor too low. Don’t get excited to promote the high commission product because such product are expensive and don’t promote something that almost gives you nothing.

Lower Commission products means that, you will have sell a lots of those product to make a decent income. For beginners, I recommend to promote a product that you think, if you sold to your friends and family, they would have bought.

Affiliate Resources: Some of the products on clickbank have dedicated affiliate page, where you can find various banners, email text that you can send to your clients and other helpful resources.

Also consider this into the factor when choosing the product to promote. I would rather choose a product that provides you good resources and support over a product that has nothing for affiliates.

You can even email and ask the vendor to provide you more resources and banners or free sample of the product that you would like to promote.

Some provide you affiliate sample product for you as a free, some don’t care, but don’t get disappointed because lot of other people do this nowadays and they want to protect their product as much as possible.

affilaite products on clickbank that have resources.png

Step 3: Getting the Affiliate Link

After you have chosen a product that you would like to promote. Click on Promote button.

promote button clickbank

After you click on promote button, a hoplink generator popup will appear. Hoplink is just another name for affiliate link. Your user name is already prefilled there, you can add a optional tracking id if you want to track if you affiliate link is working.

I recommend you generate hoplink because if you are using multiple channels to promote your product like facebook, twitter, forum, you would want to know which channel worked and which did not.

Next you click on Generate Hoplinks buttons and your affiliate link will generate. This is the link that you will need to promote. You can copy and store it safely somewhere.

Once you have decided the product that you want to promote, now let’s talk how to promote these links without having a website.

There are several free as well as paid method to promote clickbank affiliate links without a owning a website. Remember just coz you are not using website does not mean its free. Ya free method does works, but sometime they are even powerful than paid methods.

These methods can be used for various other affiliate networks. Not just clickbank. So here we go.

Facebook Groups

One of the most popular method is posting your affiliate link on facebook group. But wait.. don’t start jumping away and spamming facebook group.

This is where so many people fail. They don’t provide any value to other people, and just want to sell. People don’t want to be sold. Be their friend, be their mentor, help them and guide them.

So what kind of group do you join? Affiliate Marketers Group? or Make money from group? No you need to find a specific group, where people related to your niche.

Let’s say you that you are promoting a weight loss product. Now what you can do it join some of group relating to these kinds of topic. Go through the group, read what other people post. Comment on their post, help them and teach them. You don’t need to start selling from day 1.

When somebody asks some question in that group and if your product provides a valid solution to that problem, tell them about the product and how it actually helps. That way you don’t sound like a cheesy salesman or saleswoman 🙂 .

The secret here is to not sale people directly. Also you can create a group yourself if you want. Nurture that group, post valuable contents in that group, grow that group. This way you can sell on facebook groups for free.

Keep yourself updated about facebook policies. Facebook does not like spams and promotion of affiliate products specially related to health, casinos, gambling, etc. Read facebook policy carefully and don’t break them, otherwise all your hard work will go away in a single day when they close your group.

Public Forums (Free and Paid Method)

Forums are the website for discussion about a specific topics. For example a forum about weight loss can have different discussion categories like Nutrition, Surgical weight loss, etc . You might think, forums are like so 90s. But no my friend, they are still popular.

People ask all sorts of questions. You can help them by answering the question. Same as in facebook group, don’t start spamming with your affiliate links.

forums, free method to promote affiliate link

Most of the forums don’t tolerate affiliate and can get you banned for posting those links. So stick to those rules and gain some credibility.

Some people rather disregard this and create multiple accounts, when one gets banned, they start promoting using another account. Well this is a black hat way and really the main question is “Is it even worth it?”. You are playing on a very thin line.

Some forums allows you put link on your signature. Signature is the block of text that you can put below your every comment as you can see in that picture below. So when you comment on other people topic, they will see that link.

Youtube Video

This is one of the best free method that I would recommend you. You know if you are not shy to talk in front of camera, forget about other methods and just do youtube video.

Everyone loves watching videos instead of reading a long article. I know that is a bit sarcastic coz you are reading this article as well. haha 😀

On average, US adults spend nearly 6 hours per day watching video online. This is crazy, isn’t it? There is huge market on youtube industry. You can start your youtube channel for free on a niche that you want to promote. For example if you can talk about weight loss and teach people how to loose weight, etc.

The youtube market is huge and its all there for free. However you need to learn few thing here like, how to create a good videos, how to optimize them so that people find your videos, etc.
If thousands of other people on youtube are making money, what makes you so different?

If other can do why can’t I?

Once you start creating the youtube video, you can put affiliate links under the video. Well this is the tip of the iceberg. Once you have more followers and subscribers, there are many other ways you can promote products on youtube.

Normally review videos works very well on youtube, you can give your review about the clickbank product that you are promoting. Tell your viewer what are the benefits of that product and why that product is worth buying.

The key here is to be honest and try not be salesy. Just give your honest opinion and tell that, if they want to buy the product, click on the link below on the video description,

If you give them B. ???? and try to sell scammy products, the people who buy from your recommendation will remember you . It does not work well in future. for you. Therefore as I told you earlier, Always research your product first. Even better that your that product yourself first. That way you can give your best honest opinions and people trust your. People buy when they trust you.

Blog Comments

This is another cool way to get people to sell your clickbank products or any other affiliate products. There are so many articles on the internet and almost all of them have a section, where you can comment.

You can comment on those article but again, don’t spam. Let me bold that for you. DON’T SPAM. Be relevant to the article. There is one nifty trick that you can do.

Let’s say you are on article about losing weight in 90 days. Then you can comment on that article saying something like. “Hey I was recommended by one youtuber that this red detox tea [your affiliate link], helps you loose weight. And thousands of other people have had success on this. What do you think does it work? What is your thoughts about this product.”

The idea here is to camouflage your affiliate link, in a way that looks like a genuine comment.


This is my another favorite method to drive traffic to clickbank or any other affiliate products. You don’t even need a website for it. You just a brand new instagram account for the niche that you want to promote, post some nice pictures or quotes every day, gather followers and sell your product along with it.

It may sound simple and somehow it is. It takes time and patience. One trick I can give you is that create a nice brand around your niche. By brand, I mean create some brandable name, kickass logos, nice contents, etc. It does not cost any money and you can do it yourself without hiring anyone.

Let me introduce to you a free software to create awesome designs and logos like a pro – canva. And if you need some royalty free images try pexels. Combine these two and produce instagram contents for instagram.

Once you have couple of instagram posts, next thing you need to do is increase the followers. How do you do that?

Basically find your competitors, open their profile, then comment on their posts and follow them. The idea is that, when you follow them, they follow you back. So repeat this process often and increase your follower base.

Of course, there are tools in the internet that you can use to increase your followers by repeating this process of following, commenting and unfollowing automatically. This is a-bit risky and instagram can ban, if they find it but still this method works. Have you ever imagined, how some instagram models have millions of followers?

I don’t use these softwares, but I know a free method that you can use to automate such process. Hit me a message or a comment, if you are interested, may be I will make an article or video around it.

Of course if you want to get ahead of competitor and you have budget than you can leverage the paid methods fully. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend you to stay away from paid method, until you know what you are doing, otherwise you might not get your return of investment.

Facebook Ads

Yes ladies and gentleman, it’s no secret that almost 2.38 billion people use facebook daily as of the report by facebook on 2018. You can target your ads from all kinds of angle like geography, interest, pages they like, their hobbies, you name it.

But promoting your clickbank product is the riskiest. It used to work few years ago, but now facebook has got very strict about their policy.

Creating ads in facebook is very simple and you can run them on as low as $5 per day.

Yes, creating ads on facebook is no doubt, one of the simplest experience, I have seen but facebook has become more and more strict about their ads policy. There are so many categories for example dating, money gambling, lotteries, pharmacies, cryptocurrencies, etc are restricted on facebook.

Make sure that you read the facebook ads policy, otherwise your account will get banned. Facebook machine learning algorithm is super smart, it can detect, what ads you are running.

Once you get banned, you cannot post any ads at all Even super affiliates who spend thousands of dollars per month have been banned without an option to lift their ban.


Promoting your clickbank products without using website is not that difficult. Not having website may work sometime, but you know what works most of the time?

It’s having a website or a simple landing page. This way you can promote your landing page instead of promoting direct affiliate links. There are plenty of cheap ways to drive traffic into your website.

Making a website is super easy these days. You can literally lunch a website in 30 seconds.

I hope you learned a lot from this article. If you have any queries and questions, please ask them in the comment. I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Also please share them one facebook or twitter or whatever social media bird you are.

Until next post.
Cheers ????

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