How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing From Home?


There are so many ways to make money in online. No Doubt about that.

But in this article, we are going to learn how you can make money in affiliate marketing, using the simplest yet the most powerful way.

Disclaimer: This is not a fast track “make you rich in one day scheme” but it is definitely most easiest and legitimate ways to make money online. It takes practice and patience. If you are looking to be rich overnight, I am sorry this article is not for you.

You have to understand that being patient is very important in making money online. I can’t stress this enough.

You may see lots of people in the facebook groups and internet blogs, who are promoting scammy products, and claim that it could make you rich overnight.

They show you, loads of cash, flashy car, their fancy lifestyle. But let me tell you one thing: Its all fake. You know you can hire people to make those kind of luxury videos, even reviews.

Please don’t be a victim of those scams. If you see those people who just keep on telling you that you can make money but don’t tell you exactly how, I suggest you to turn back and run, don’t just walk away.

It is going to take a decent amount of time to make money online but in order to make money from affiliate marketing, you first need to know the concepts of how this industry works and how people make money from it.

So Lets start with, this basic question that is widely asked :

How affiliate marketing works?

How does affiliate marketing works?

Look at this picture very carefully. Read it once aloud. Did you get it? All you have to do is sell somebody else’s product and you get commission.

It’s so simple right?


If it was that easy, every one would do it. But wait, I don’t want to scare you right in the beginning. What I am telling you is that, ride is going to be a bit bumpy, until the plane takes off.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is process of earning a commission from selling somebody else’s product.

Let’s say that you own a website about dog products which has amazing reviews about various dog products, making people knowledgeable about taking care of their dogs and helping them to decide a decent product.

Now, some people might search in google or other search engines – “best collar for german shepherd” and your website shows up.

What is affiliate marketing and how it works

The reader goes through your review and decides to buy a dog collar from the link that you had on that page. Once the purchase is complete, ka-ching, you made money.

Whose product can you promote to get paid? how do they pay you?

There are a lots of brands and companies that you can work with. Most popular ones are amazon, bluehost, ebay. etc. It all depends on the niche that you are promoting. Some of these companies have their own in-house affiliate program while other use affiliate network.

Affiliate networks are like outsourcing companies for merchant companies, who want to promote their product.

These affiliate network companies do all the hard work for merchant companies like managing affiliates, sending them payments, handling queries and communications with affiliates and such.

Some popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, Commision Junction, ShareASale, maxbounty etc

There are various payment options available. Most of these companies pay either by direct bank transfer, paypal or cheque.

Also this totally depends on the country you are from, the company you are promoting or the payment method supported by affiliate networks.

You get paid on a specific action, like per click, per sale, per leads/sign ups, etc. You might be thinking that per click and per signups, etc would be easiest but in fact these products are hardest to sell as most of those products are low quality products.

For example, on amazon and ebay you make money per sale. Some products on maxbounty like insurance, leads generation you can make money per signups. In another words, you get paid when someone signs up and fills their personal information like name, email, phone, etc, from your affiliate link you will get paid.Affiliate Link is a special URL h

Affiliate link is an special link to the product that you are promoting, provided by the merchant whose product you are selling. This link helps those merchant and you track how many people visited and bought the product from your affiliate link.

What is affiliate link?

Do you need a website To Promote Affiliate Product?

You can actually promote lots of affiliate products on social media, forums, youtube videos, paid advertisement, etc.

But having a website gives you more credibility. You can build your brand around your website which builds trust.

Think about it, if you were a customer, who would you buy from? Someone who posts random links on facebook groups or from someone who has written nice review of the product on their website?

There are also other plenty of other ways to make money in affiliate marketing.

Social media platforms like facebook, youtube, instagram, etc they keep changing and updating their policies. Some offer worked really well before, for example health and fitness industry are now completely banned in facebook. So you are in a thin line if you don’t have your own website.

How to create your website for affiliate Marketing?

But how to build a website and get visitors in your website? If you are not an expert you don’t need to worry because making websites has never been easier.

You can literally build a new website within 30 seconds and you don’t need to hire those expensive programmers to do it for you.

There are lots tools like to do this for you but what I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate because it provides all the tools that you will ever need for building your website business plus a huge community of thousands of other affiliate marketers who are always active and ready to answer your any questions and help you throughout your journey.

How to build your online business?

Building a website is not a big deal. The big deal is running your online business. After your build your website, it should appear in the search result when somebody searches.

Of course you can do paid ads to rank your website but there is a free method called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This skills sounds daunting but fear not Wealthy Affiliates is not just a website builder it is a business builder.

It has got all the training and step by step guide from launching your website to ranking your website and getting commissions. Having support and guidance is very important for a beginner.

Nobody knows everything in the beginning and it’s like learning how to drive or to swim or playing guitar or any other skills that you have.

In the beginning it might look difficult but once you get hang of i, you will find it super easy and addicting. You will ask yourself. Why didn’t I knew about this 5 years ago?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Some Chinese Proverb maybe (I am not sure 😛 )


Invest your time and learn the skills for affiliate marketing in the speed that you can handle. Take it east and don’t overdo it.

Making money online in affiliate marketing is a very simple concept. You recommend a product to someone and make money from the commission, if that person buys it.

But it it is a skill that need to learned and if you follow along all the trainings and guide step by step with patience and discipline, it won’t take a long time to for you to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I recommend a program called wealthy affiliate for beginners, which not only teaches you how to make money but also allows you to host your own website, on their platform, provides the tools you will need to do research as an affiliate marketer and community of thousands of other affiliates where you can ask any questions.

And this program is risk free, which means you you can become a free member forever or try their premium membership free for 7 days without paying anything in the beginning. How cool is that? See you on the other side.

You can do it, it’s your mind that you need to convince.

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  • Nice post and definitely affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight, it does not require huge investment, but time and patience. Well I am also new in affiliate marketing and want to start affiliate business and want to make new affiliate website.

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