Making Money As An Amazon Affiliate in 2019


There are so many options to make money online. There are thousands of them and so are the scammers, and if you are not careful enough, you might fall into the trap of those scammers.

They make their program sound so lucrative like as if they can rain money on your head from today. All you have to do is pay X dollar for their software or their course.

All of them may not be scammer but most of them are in my experience. If their intention was to help you make money and their product was so powerful, can they return your investment if their training does not work?

Due to lots of scamming cases like these, it is difficult to trust most people in online money making industry. And as a beginner, so who do you trust? That is why I recommend Amazon Associate Program for beginners because Amazon is one the most popular e-commerce platform out there. Almost everyone in this world knows and trusts Amazon.

What is Amazon Associate program?

Amazon Associate is a program where a marketer like you can promote products from Amazon on your website and make commissions, when your website visitor goes to amazon and buys the product.

Amazon associate program was launched in 1996 and for the fact facebook was released in 2004.

Actually you might have already been a part of amazon associate, and you might have made commission to some other marketer when you bought a product on amazon but you may not be aware of it.

For example let’s say you wanted to buy a lawn mower. What is the first thing you do?

You go to Google and search for keywords like Best lawn mowers. Then you click on a link saying 10 Best Lawn Mowers [ 2019 Reviews ], when you open up the website you will see the list of lawn mowers.

An example of amazon associate website selling lawn mowers
An example of amazon associate website selling lawn mowers.

You check their review and find a product you like, you click on the button Click Here for Price . Then you are redirected to amazon website and if you purchase anything (Does not have to that exact lawn mower or even a lawn mower at all) within 24 hours from amazon, that website owner from whom you were redirected will get commission. In a nutshell this is what Amazon Affiliate program is all about.

It is free to join into this program, However there are certain terms and conditions that you will need to meet. One main conditions is that you will need to have a website setup already. In fact, they ask you for this while you are signing up for their program. Let’s talk about later in this post.

Amazon Associate program is one the pioneers of affiliate marketing and thousands of people are still making millions from this program.

How much do Amazon Affiliates make?

Amazon has a lot commission rates for different category. They give 1% to 10% commission depending on the product.

amazon associate commission per product category 2019
Amazon associate commission per category as seen in April 2019

So in the above example of lawn mower, lets say you purchased a $120 lawn mower, then the website owner (affiliate marketer) would have earned $9.6 commission from your purchase. The website that I used in the example had 100K to 250K visitor per month.

No of visitor on an example amazon affiliate website
Number of visitor on an example amazon affiliate website

Let’s say even if 3% of those visitors convert into actual buyer and on average they make $5 per sale on amazon. Now let’s do the math. what we can come up with is (3% of 250000) * $5 = $37500 . That is $37k per month. I am not saying that you can earn that much money starting tomorrow.  It takes time and effort to build your website to get that much traffic per month. But take this as an example what you can earn from amazon affiliate.

Generally speaking if you are patience and  dedicate your time and effort every day you can build $1000 to $5000 per month business in around 1 year. You don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the success story of some of other amazon affiliates.

Setting up a website for Amazon Affiliate

You will need a website to become an Amazon Affiliate. [FullStop]. But don’t let that stop you, even if you don’t know how to create a website. You are living in 2019, you can create a website in 30 seconds literally.

If you are an absolute beginner, and you have never set up a website before, let me quickly clarify, what is what. Owning a website consists of two part

  • one is the domain name and
  • other is the storage (hosting space)

You can buy domain name and hosting space from domain registrar like NameCheap, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. Owning a domain is like owning an asset. It’s your virtual property in the internet.

After you own a domain name and space you will need a software to run a website and my recommendation is using wordpress Content Management System. It is a free and open source software that allows you to build your website and manage contents of your website.

Obviously you don’t need to use wordpress and can build everything from scratch but wordpress is so easy and powerful, you will not be able compete with what wordpress provides. Your target is build a website business, not to build a website. Let building a website job to other web developers and programmers out there. Since wordpress is free why even bother building it yourself anyway?

So in a nutshell, you have to buy a domain name and a space for it. That is something you will need invest because, its like your any other business. Consider you are opening a cafe, how much would have spent on buying furnitures and renting the space.

Don’t get overwhelmed if this too much to process for you. If it makes you feel any better, there are people with no college education degree rocking the internet business. What you need is proper training and super active community of people just like you and me who are ready to help you and answer you any questions, whenever you are stuck.

Let me introduce Wealthy Affiliate into the picture which is not just a domain registrar and hosting company, but it is also a huge community of affiliates. Plus they provide all the training materials that you need, research tools, mentorship from the founder Kyle himself and other super affiliates who have made 6 figure income, all for the price of a pizza. So what do you want pizza or business?

If you are thinking I am bragging to sell you here. Yes I am selling because Wealthy Affiliate is a something that I could recommend to my family and friends. They even provide free membership where there are 20 free lessons that teaches you the basics of creating your own website and how to  select ab industry (niche) to promote.

Plus you get 2 free websites and the best part is you don’t have to put your credit card or anything. You can go to this link here, create your account and take the first 10 free lessons without paying anything.

If you ever want to move from free membership, to premium, it will cost you less than a dollar per day. First use for free and decide, is worth even a dollar per day?

wealthy affiliate free training course

Please note that what I am trying to say is that you don’t need to use the Wealthy Affiliate if you don’t want to. You can set up your website somewhere else as well but the question is do you get this training and active community there?

Once you’ve chosen your niche(industry), that you want your website to be about, next step is get your website ready and write some contents. Incase you are thinking what I should write about, In our example that I gave above, you can write similar articles. For example try writing one of these format, if you feel like you can’t come up with anything.

  • Best [product]
    • Best hair dryer for curly hair
  • Top 10 [product] recommended for [x]
    • Top 10 cat toys recommended for 2019
  • How to [that]
    • How to Pick the Right Dog Door Size

Remember to choose one specific direction. Don’t mix dog article in hair dryer website. If you want to write about both create two separate website for each.

The idea here is to get people to land in your website, when they search in google. It may sound scary, but if other people can do it, why can’t you? And one more thing, remember one very important mantra, that I personally use every time I am stuck.

If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

With proper training and guidance from the people who have already done it before you can quickly catch up.

How to join the amazon affiliate program?

Once you have your website ready with some contents. You will need to apply for amazon associate program. They will manually approve your request within 24 to 48 hours. After you get approved from amazon, you can generate your own unique affiliate links.

After that you will put that affiliate link on your posts. When someone clicks and goes to amazon, and if they buy any product there, within 24 hours you get commission. It does not have to be the same product that you are selling. Even if you are selling dog food but they eventually bought a furniture you still get commission for that furniture.

So easy right? 😛 Again, If it was so easy everyone would be doing it. Many people never try, some people try and give up after a while, some people keep on trying until they succeed. So who makes money eventually? You need patience to see the result, it is not a magic software that will start raining money from tomorrow.

It takes discipline and practice. Once you get hang of it, it will look so easy. Think of it as learning how to drive for the first time or your piano lesson or may be your some other skills. Do you think it was it easy in the beginning?

Joining an affiliate program is easy, but the million dollar question is – How to make money from amazon? You will need to find a proper niche that you want to promote, write good contents, so that google ranks your website in the top and sends you visitors for free. When those visitors convert, your hard work will pay off.

How to choose an amazon products to promote?

There are 4 billion people online and people buy everything these days. But how do you choose a product that would make you more money, after all you are not running your business for charity unless off course, you are doing it for charity 🙂 . Ultimately your target should be choosing a product in amazon, that make you more money.

One important thing you will learn immediately as an amazon affiliate is that, cheap products produces you cheap commission. 5% of $5 product is 25 cents. You will need to sell a lot of these products to make a decent income. It would be possible if you had a very high volume of people coming into your website.

But in the beginning you won’t have much volume, so should you start promoting $300 products straight away? The answer is.. No. Think about it. Would it be easier to promote $10 product or $300 product?

So what I suggest is, go for something in between like $50 to $200, which is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Also, make sure that the product you are going to promote is kind of product that people buy. Look at the product that are best seller in your niche and read the reviews of that product and check if it is worth promoting.

What I also suggest for beginner is spy on other affiliate marketers. Search on google like Best Cat Food , Best Baby Monitors See what they are promoting, and may be rewrite their post into your own article. But don’t copy, rather rewrite them nicely. Google uncle does not like copied post. We should do whatever Google uncle says because Google gives us good traffic 🙂 


Since you have stayed and read till the end of this article, you are very serious about making money from amazon. I really believe you can make a 6 figure income website one day. You staying and reading this article tells me that you are an action taker.

As a bonus check out how one of the wealthy affiliate member Dylan, made 6 figure website selling amazon products. He even made free lesson on wealthy affiliate about how he did it. People are so much willing to help. Did I tell you, this is why I love Wealthy Affiliate, and I keep telling you about this. 

If you have questions, please write them as a comment or send me the message using contact form. I always ready to help my readers. I hope you liked my article. If you did, please share it on your facebook or twitter. I would really appreciate that.

Thank you and Good Luck on your venture.

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