How To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Niche?


Finding a good niche is one of the most important and fundamental things to do when you are starting an affiliate marketing. Find a profitable niche is the foundation of your business. If the foundation is not strong, your business will collapse.


To simply put, Niche is a group of people. There are thousands of definitions that you can find online but really, that is all what niche is about. It’s a group of people with common interest. For example, dieting niche is a group of people with who want to lose weight. Dog food niche, is a group of people who want to buy or know about different dog food.

Example of some niches: Dog food, cat food, bathtub, gardening, improving basketball skills, basketball, muay thai, yoga, swimming lessons for kids. You get the idea right?

Before diving into the steps of finding your niche, Let’s learn these things first.

Should I Follow Passion or Pick a Popular Niche?
Targeted niche vs General niche
Should I start with a targeted niche or Broad niche?

Choosing a niche properly is very important. You don’t want to waste your time writing and promoting a niche, and one day, you lose passion or find no income on that niche. Remember this diagram

passion niche vs money making niche

If you don’t want to do something, do you think you will continue it? Are you one of the person who came here to quit your 9-5 job? Didn’t you wanted to quit it, because you didn’t like what you were doing?

Once you are in affiliate marketing, you might still be doing 9-5 jobs, but for yourself. So why not work on something that you are already passionate about? That way you are making money and passionate about it.


Let me give you a straight answer -Yes and let me give you a detailed answer, – Yes and No. I know you must be confused, but let me put it this way. If a niche is popular and lots of people are into that market for a long time, that means the niche is profitable. Why else, would they invest their time and money in that market, if that market is not profitable.

Well sometime it could be hype so check how long has that market been popular. I will show you in a while, How to check that.


The simple answer is yes. It is absolutely fine to go on a very specific niche. It will give you good page authority and might be easier to rank in google. However if you choose too specific niche, you have to ask a question to yourself “What if I want to expand it in the future?” .

How long are you going to write about a specific targeted niche like big dog collar or small dog door ? So my suggestion to you is start small, focus on a specific niche and build your page authority. Once your domain starts getting traffic and trusted by google, slowly cover niche broader.

Don’t forget to choose a domain name that leaves you some room for going broad in the future. For example let’s say, that you had decided to initially start with specific niche like adult dog collar. Don’t buy a domain that looks like , instead leave some room for improvement. In the future, you might want to write about dog door, dog house or even cat food,  etc and it would look somewhat weird if you start writing about cat food on your irrelevant domain.

Therefore, by leaving some leg room, you can expand your affiliate marketing horizon.

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