5 Cheapest Traffic Source for Affiliate Marketing in 2019


We all want cheap traffic to our website and advertorials. And why not? After all it’s a fundamental nature of the business and an online business is no different.

Rather than just relying on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), personally, I love investing in quality traffic, that costs few cents, but can convert into customer.

I noticed, that you came to this article searching for cheap website traffic. It’s good that you are at least not married to the idea of only free traffic.

Yes, SEO is the best and free way to get traffic, but it takes time to build your site authority and get trust from search engine. If you have some budget to spend and want the result quicker, paid traffic is the way to go.

In affiliate marketing, you make money once your website traffic (visitors) purchases the affiliate product that your promoted. It’s a win win for merchant, your website visitor and you as an affiliate.

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you must know the strategy and networks to generate converting traffic. But, you don’t have to dig deep in your pocket to get high quality traffic. Even cheap traffic can convert and provide you a good ROI (Return Of Interest).

It is very important to get good quality traffic. You may have a superb content, beautiful website design, but if you don’t have converting traffic, all those effort to build that website would be wasted.

Do you need a website to promote your affiliate products?

Before diving into deep, you must be aware that you need to have your own website (landing page) to promote affiliate products. Directly promoting the affiliate link is not always a good idea.

Some merchant might even ban you for directly promoting their affiliate links without having the visitor pass through some sort of landing page. Because these merchant want traffic with high buyer intent and expect that you send filtered and relevant traffic.

A good website (landing page) can convert curious clicks into sales. Imagine going to a car showroom and there is no salesman to help you. Will you be motivated to buy car from there? Of-course not right?

Are Cheap Traffic Bad?

Not all cheap traffics are bad but some of them are worst.

There are so many bot traffics in the internet. Around 52% of all web traffic are generated by bots. Internet bots are automated scripts that is supposed to help human to avoid repetitive tasks.

But some of the bots are implement by the companies that sell you traffic for dirt cheap, in order to give you the fake impression that you got real visitor. Stay away from them. Otherwise you will just lose you money.

It is not difficult to find if the company that sells traffic is fake or real. Here are 3 general rules that you must keep in mind to identify if the traffic is going to be fake or real.

  1. Almost all traffic that you buy from fiverr is fake. Stay away from fiverr to buy genuine traffics.
  2. Do you homework. Make sure that you research properly about the service or company you want to use. Search on youtube, google, crunchbase, even glassdoor… go crazy. Never miss this rule
  3. Never forget rule number 1 and 2

My Recommendation of Best and Cheap Genuine Traffic Sources

As a beginner, you might find tools like google adwords very expensive. I am no different. Though I have used a bit of all, I still prefer using other traffic sources rather than just relying on google adwords to drive traffic into my websites and affiliate campaigns.

Without further delay, here are the best cheap traffic sources that works for 2019.

1. RevContent

Founded in 2013, Revcontent has become the massive native content advertising network, which displays advertisement as native content recommendation.

Native Ads are the ads that are blended in websites or any form of publication as if they are are the content of that platform.

What is Native Ads?
revcontent, as one of the cheapest source of traffic for website
An example of how Revcontent ads blends as content recommendation in networthpost.org

Why use Revcontent TO ADVERTISE?

  • Revcontent also works with top brands like CBS News, CNET, etc and they only accept publishers who has more than 50,000 visitors per month.
  • It provides high revenue sharing with publishers, and cheap CPC (Cost Per Click) for advertisers thus making it very lucrative.
  • They don’t have extreme rules and regulations like facebook. You can even promote content related to insurance, health, dating, which will get you banned in facebook.

As you can see that revcontent is a huge platform in native advertising space that is very restrictive in selecting publishers to display there ads. Thus you will get good quality traffic on your ads but there are some drawbacks as well, which I have discussed further in this article.

Cheapest source for website traffic - Revcontent

So how much does it cost to display ads on Revcontent Network?

The minimum bid amount allowed by revcontent is $0.01 per click and minimum budget amount per day is $100.

minimum bid for publishing inrevcontent

Of-course, though you can put minimum as low as 1 cent but, that does not guarantee you high traffic. There will be a lot of other advertisers like you, competing for the advertisement space.

The bidding price per click, depends on the country, device and the category(topic). Specially in countries like US, where the competition is very high, it is recommended that you start with $0.05 for desktop, $0.03 for mobile and $0.04 for tablet.

For other european countries and asian countries, including australia, candana, south africa, etc, the competition is still low thus you can bid lower like $0.02 or even $0.01.

So it is possible to get lots of traffic from revcontent in such a low price.

Issues with advertising in Revcontent

Though Revcontent, is very strict on selecting their publishers, fake bot traffic still has been huge issue for revcontent advertisers. In order to earn more money from their website, some publishers use automated softwares that goes and click on their revcontent ads, draining advertisers money.

I am still surprised why revcontent has not taken action against fighting bots or may be they have started and I am not aware. This may sound like a huge problem, but actually this can be easily avoided if you use tracking tools like voluum or redtrack.

These tracking tools will tell you know, where the clicks are coming from, and you can easily see if they are fake or real. Once you identify those fake traffics source widgets (publishers), you can blacklist such publishers easily on revcontent.

Revcontent Summary

Minimum Cost Per Click$0.01
Recommended Cost Per Click for US Desktop$0.05+
Minimum Budget Per Day$100
Maximum Headline Character80 characters
Allowed TargetingCountry, Device, Brand, Language
Required Ads Image Size420 x 315 px
Payment MethodCredit Card
ATC Rating4/5

2. Pop Ads

Popads is one the best popunder and popup based advertising network. I know pop under ads and popup ads are annoying, but it still works as one of the least expensive way to drive huge traffic to the landing pages and affiliate offers.

Before diving into the popads, let me quickly explain to you what are popup or pop under ads.

A user visits a website that contains popads script. User does general activity like clicks a button or scrolls. Then a new browser window opens behind the back of the main browser or a popup appears and loads the landing page or the affiliate offer that you are promoting.

What are popup/popunder ads?

Why use popads to advertise?

  • Poads has huge inventories. It covers more than 100 countries and millions of impression per day
    pop ads traffic according to similarweb
  • Poads has lots of filters that you can apply when creating a campaign like categories, countries, Device, Browser, Time targeting.
    One even interesting filter is IP Targeting, this way you can have your popunder appear only for users with certain ISP. I have personally used ISP filter when running some of my lead generation campaigns.
    popads filter for creating campaign
  • Advertising process is super simple. It’s easy to register and you can start with as low $10 budget.
    popads deposit form

Due to these awesome filters and low price, popads is very popular traffic source for both seasoned and beginner affiliate marketer.

I have found this article written by Brett Dunn on popads as one of the most informative guide on launching popads campaigns.

popads is one of cheap traffic source and covers more huge geographic area
Screenshot of inventory of popads on june 2019 shows it’s geographic area coverage and million impression

How much does it cost to run ads on popads network?

Okay thats a good question. I give you that. You can create as low as $0.00005 (4 zeros after decimal) per click, but you will hardly be get any impressions in this price.

popads costs very cheap to lunch a campaign

You can see in the below screenshot that minimum of all the average bid is for Norfolk Island with 0.00008. Who knew you could even advertise to North Koreans in popads? ????

The Advertisers in popads sorted by least avg bid
The Advertisers in popads sorted by least avg bid

Okay let’s get real here. So on popads, you will be paying per 1000 impressions (CPM – Cost Per Mile). If you pay $3 for 1000 views, you will be paying $0.004 per view. Too lower bids will not get you good quality traffic.

So India in top 1 for source of traffic, followed by US as the second for popad as per this screen shot take in june 2019.

So realistically speaking the price per impression for running ads on popads would be somewhere between 0.001 to 0.1, depending on the country and type of offer that you are promoting.

Top inventories of popads
Screenshot of top inventories of popads.net as per june 2019

Lunching popads Campaigns

Once you register on poads, click on create campaign tab on the left sidebar.

create campaign tabs in popads

You will see this – Create a new Campaign form.

Campaign Form of popads
Campaign Form of popads

These information might seem daunting for the beginners and it is way to much to cover here but do checkout this article from mobidea that explains all the fields one by one.

What kind of website or offers should You promote on popads?

As you already know popup ads are very annoying for user and it is very aggressive way to promote the offer. You are forcing the user the view the page without their intention of actually visiting your offer.

So you can expect to get a lot of high traffic, but even higher bounce rate. Plus there will be lot of bots. Don’t forget to install a good tracker like voluum and redtrack and manually blacklist such fake publishers.

As per my experience and seeing other offers on popads following niches works best for popads advetising network.

  • Adult Related Niches
  • Gambling
  • Games
  • Some Lottery Offers
  • Sweepstakes

So if you trying to promote your nice looking websites that is not in the above list. I would say stay away from popads.

So you may ask me, why am I recommending popads, if it is not perfect. Well popads is easiest way to start experimenting on your affiliate marketing journey as you can start cheap. But you should use popads with some kind of tracker. Don’t fly blind.

Also, if you warm up your leads with a nice looking and well written landing pages, you can actually convert these cheap popup traffics.

PopAds Summary

Minimum Cost Per Click$0.01 to $0.1
Minimum deposit$10
Minimum Budget Per DayAny
Allowed TargetingCountry, Device, Category. Language,
Connection Speed, Time, Website
Payment MethodCredit Card, Paypal, Wire, Bitcoin,
Boleto Bancário (Brasi only)
ATC Rating2/5

3. Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)

Previously known as bing ads, now has been acquired by microsoft, making it more powerful source of cheap traffic. Though they are not huge as Google and can not send as many volume of traffic as Google can, but they can provide high quality of traffic that converts really well.

Many laptops like dell, acer has Windows Operating System installed by default. That Windows is preinstalled with internet explorer or microsoft edge as it’s default browser, which has bing as it’s default search engine. Not everyone like you or me downloads chrome immediately after opening a new laptop. So yes there are people who still uses Bing to search in the internet.

Everyone talks about google and due to which there is very high competition there making it expensive, but very few advertisers actually use microsoft ads (bing ads), in fact it is under utilized. Due to this microsoft advertising (Bing Ads) can provide very low CPC (Cost Per Click).

testimonials saying how microsoft or bing ads provides high volume for cheap cost
Testimonials of real customers taken form ads.microsoft.com/

Why Use Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)?

  • 35% of US search comes from Microsoft network
    Although Google dominates 90% of the global market, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) combined with yahoo search engine, now covers 35% of US desktop search market and impressive 6 Billion monthly desktop searches worldwide. This figure is very impressive if you ask me.
  • Lower cost per click.
    Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) are 29% cheaper than Google Ads because of low competition. This provides high Return of Interest.
  • Mature Audience
    As per microsoft, 71% of microsoft search engine users are mature audience (35 and older) . This demographics of people have more conversion rate.
  • Wealthy Audiences
    54% of Microsoft audience are wealthy, who makes yearly 75,000 dollar per year, which makes sense since most of the users are over 35. This fact is very important because as an affiliate marketer, you would want to target people who have money.

You can check out more features provided by microsoft advertising on this article from microsoft – Five reasons to start using Microsoft Advertising.

microsoft ads or bing ads is one the cheapest source of search engine traffic
source https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us

How Much Do I Need To Pay For Advertising in Microsoft Network?

This value depends on your keyword. Once you sign up in microsoft advertising network, you will be allowed to used microsoft’s “Research Keywords” tool.

microsoft keyword research tool to help you find less competitive keywords
Microsoft’s keyword resaerch tool

Using this tool planner, you can find the information like last month searches, impression, Click Through Rate (CTR), Average Cost Per Click (CPC), etc.

Microsoft keyword planner to find low CPC bids
The data from microsoft keyword planner as seen july 2019 for US desktop traffic (Most expensive combination)

You can even find the bids as low as $0.03 but you need to perform your research. It is very difficult to get this low bid in USA desktop traffic but if you target other countries like france, germany, australia, canada, singapore, etc, this low CPC rate is achievable.

You don’t have need to have a full research team to find the best cheap keyboard to launch your campaigns. You need do what is working for your competitors. Every business and niche will have competitors, you need to check what ads your competitors are running and what keywords they are targeting.

Even if you are small fish in the vast ocean, you can use tools like SEMrush to find the competitive intelligence and grow your business quickly. Think of this as an investment on your business not an expenditure.

There is also a free tool called ubersuggest that generates keyword ideas around your main keywords.

To get low CPC in microsoft advertising (Bing Ads), also focus on building a good landing pages, attractive header title and description for your ads. Think of what makes people click. Curiosity and feeling of left out.

Remember CTR and CPC are related. Higher the Click Through Rate, Lower the Cost Per Click.

Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) Summary

Minimum Cost Per Click$0.03 +
Minimum deposit$10
Minimum Budget Per DayAny
Allowed TargetingCountry, Keywords. Language, Time,
Device (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet)
Payment MethodCredit Card, Paypal, Wire
(Also postpay method available)
ATC Rating4/5

4. Megapu.sh Network

Megapu.sh is based on push notification ads. They provide push notifications for both desktop and mobiles. Megapu.sh is was created in 2017 in Armenia but was publicly available on 2018.

Though it is very new network, it quickly became very popular because, it was the first push notification based advertisement network and it provided super cheap converting traffic.

megapush, a cheap source of traffic based on push notification promotion

Push notifications are the alerts sent from the apps/browsers on the smartphones or computer to prompt user to do some action.

What is Push Notification?

You definitely have seen a push notification before on your phone. For example, a notification sent to you via facebook messenger or transaction alert from your banking app are mobile push notifications.

An example of push notification in mobile.
An example of push notification sent by facebook and your calendar app

This format of advertising is relatively new and has recently attracted many affiliates across many niches and why wouldn’t they? Popads provides cheap converting traffic.

With push notification you will be able to send you message across thousands, even millions of device instantly and people.

Now you know the power of push notification, I want to discuss, how megapu.sh can provide you cheap converting traffic.

Why should you advertise with Megapu.sh?

  • Huge Inventories
    It has got more than 100 Million users and serves about 1.4 billion impressions per day.
    Active Users: 106,391,641
    Impressions: 1 428,412,101 per day
    Clicks: 19,146,370 per day
    Average CPC: $0.03

    megapush stats as on july 2019
  • Minimum Deposit
    You can easily register your account on megapu.sh and the minimum amount that you will need to deposit is just $100. This way if you want to experiment with the megapu.sh without going deep in your pocket.
  • Less Bots
    The megapu.sh charges per click not per impression and since the ad network is relatively new, there are not many bots traffic at the moment. But as this network will be popular, I can’t say about the future though.

    So always use tracker like voluum or redtrack and kill the campaigns that are just draining your money.
  • Low Cost Per Click
    I am still amazed to see how this traffic converts so well. Maybe it was because I was doing offers related to dating niche. And do note that megapu.sh have 80% men and dating offers are always very lucrative.

    I am still not an expert in megapu.sh, and I am constantly experimenting and trying different combinations of niche verticals and country. I am planning to write more about this in details in the future.

    The minimum cost per click can be as low as $0.001 for some countries. Even for tier 1 countries like USA the average CPC is around 3 to 5 cents, which is really cheap compared other advertising source.
Push Campaign Creation tab in megapu.sh. This is where you create your cheap megapu.sh campaigns
Push Campaign Creation tab in megapu.sh. This is where you create your campaigns

To know more about megapu.sh, you can also checkout this interview with Sergey Konrad, head of marketing of megapu.sh. There is lot things going on push notification industry, if you don’t act now, you might be left behind so register here and checkout the amazing power of push notification ads.

Megapu.sh may not work for all kinds of niche verticals but it will work really well for verticals like Binary Options, Gambling, Sweepstakes and Dating, due to majority of traffic being 35+ year old males.

Megapu.Sh Advertising NEtwork Summary

Minimum Cost Per Click$0.001
Minimum deposit$100
Minimum Budget Per DayAny
Allowed TargetingCountry, Device (Mobile or Desktop),
Mobile Carrier, Time, ISP, IP Range
Payment MethodCredit Card, Paypal, Wire and many more
ATC Rating4/5

5. Content.ad

Like Revcontent, content.ad is a native content based recommendation platform, that neatly displays the ads as if they were content of the website on which ads are being displayed. It is one of giant and pioneers of content advertising industry, that can deliver high volume of low cost traffic and it has been around for around 10 years now.

content ad as amazing cheap source of traffic for affiliate marketers

They have different rate based on the type of content that you want to promote. You can promote 3 types of content on content.ad.

  • Non Commercial
  • Sponsored Content/Advoterials
  • Advertisement

Unlike other networks, the cost per click on content.ad is dependent on type of content and it’s publishers network category.

CPC bids for promoting non commercials content on tier 2 networks
CPC bids for promoting non commercials content on tier 2 networks

Non commercial contents are the contents that does not contain any links to product or paid promotion inside the article. You can promote such contents as low $0.01 per click. That is why I have added content.ad as one of the cheapest source of traffic for you website.

In case if you are wondering that you can’t make money on such non commercial contents, don’t worry. You can still have other sources of revenue in the website outside the promoted article like advertisements in sidebar.

Also most of the times, I have seen that when someone is hooked by a well written content, they tend to stick around and browse other articles around the website. No one can stop you to have paid promotion on those articles.

When you are promoting your non commercial contents on tier 2 networks that includes developing countries like india, indonesia, thailand, etc at 1 cent, you can expect to get a lot of bad quality non converting traffic. But luckily content.ad provides the ability to blacklist such websites.

content ad provides ability to blacklist under performing domains

You can identify such underperforming domains with tracking tools like voluum and redtrack. This way, you can smartly promote contents inexpensively for a cent and get a lots of high converting traffic.

However unlike other source of network, content.ad needs minimum deposit of $250 and also requires you to set a minimum budget of $100 per day. Therefore if you are not careful enough and leave your campaign blind without any trackers, you might drain a lot of money in short time.

Content.ad Summary

Minimum Cost Per Click$0.2
Minimum deposit$250
Minimum Budget Per Day$100
Allowed TargetingCountry Grouped as Tiers,
Device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile),
Operating System, Browsers
Payment MethodCredit Card, Paypal
ATC Rating4/5


Rather than relying on SEO only, buying high quality traffic for cheap price and optimizing them using the tracking tools will help you take a huge leap forward in the world of Affiliate Marketing.

All cheap traffic are not bad, but you must do your own research, Don’t just blindly follow any single traffic source. Invest some money on experimenting and conducting various A/B tests to find the cheap converting traffic.

What I have learned and want to share with you is.

Sometime the traffic is bad but most of the time your product sucks

Learn the skills needed to be a successful affiliate marketer, Find the good products, promote them on correct network, track them and optimize them. This is the secret of how you can find high converting traffic in low price.

Do you have any questions, comments or feedbacks? I will definitely answer them and if you like this article don’t forget to share this to your friends, who are interested in affiliate marketing.

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